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Learn about adding video calls to Messenger with our Intercom app

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A Daily account is not required to use our app. Also, no downloads are required to join calls. You can even upgrade to automatic recording.

1.0 Quick basics
2.0 How to start a video call in Intercom Messenger
3.0 Change call display and meeting link settings
4.0 Upgrades for power sales and support
5.0 FAQ

1.0 Quick basics 

  • Daily calls work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari, and Android Chrome. Edge is also supported for 1:1 calls. IE is not supported. Learn more about browser support.

  • Neither you nor your customers need to sign up for Daily, or download, anything. 

  • You, the agent, will join the video call in a browser tab (not in Messenger).

  • You, the agent, controls where the customer opens the video call link. Either in Messenger, or a new browser tab.   

  • Customers on Safari and mobile must join the call in a new browser tab. Don't worry, we run a browser check for you.

  • Use Chrome to record or screen share. Customers do not need to use Chrome to see your screen share or be recorded. If you want your customers to screen share, configure the call to open in a browser, and ask them to use Chrome. 

  • Recording, requires a Daily account. 

  • Automatic Recording upgrade, does not require you to be logged in. (It happens behind the scenes.)

2.0 How to start a video call in Intercom Messenger

1. Install the Daily app from the Intercom app store
2. In a chat, click the Daily app icon (screen shot above)
3. Our app card will pop up (below)

  • A new, unique video call link is automatically generated. 

  • Scroll down, to change the link.

  • Scroll down, to change if the call opens — for the customer — inside Intercom or in a new browser tab. 

4. Click the "OK, Let's Go!" button to continue
5. A yellow box pops up in your chat. Click the "Join the call" link  to join the call before your customer, and prepare for your meeting.

6. A draft of your customer invite will be pasted into your messenger. 

  • Click the blue "Send" button, to share the invite with your customer.

6.  Your customer can now join your video call (screen shot below): 

  • First, they must click to join the call

  • Then, make sure your customer clicks "Allow", when prompted by their browser. This will enable camera and microphone permissions for the video call.

Done! You and your customer are in the call. 

3.0 Change call display and meeting link settings 

Change call display

Before you send the video call link to the customer, in the settings card you can scroll down to change where the call appears. You can set the call to open in a browser tab, or (if the customer is not on Safari or mobile) inside Messenger.

  • Free: In the settings card, scroll down to change the link. You can click the "Create new instant link" button, or you can paste a link into the "Change meeting link field".

  • Upgrade: Contact us, to have the app automatically create a custom subdomain link from your Daily account. For example 

4.0 Upgrades for power sales and support 

  • Auto-record: You can automatically record every video chat that you start in an Intercom Messenger conversation. Contact us, to learn more.

  • Get notified: When a user joins a call, you can customize the app so a note is posted to the Intercom thread. 

  • Auto-custom links: Whenever an agent creates a call, the app can auto-generate a link on your custom domain.

5.0 Help

  • Browsers have strict privacy permissions. Your customer must click Allow, to let the call use the camera. They might have to unblock their camera or microphone. How to unblock camera/mic access.  

We use Intercom, ourselves. So you always can reach us for help via chat.

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