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We've ended our basic calls product. Service for our current basic call users ends June 22, 2020.


For privacy and security reasons, you have to give Daily.co permission to use your computer/browsers camera and microphone. 

🚨IMPORTANT: When you join a call click "Allow" to grant cam/mic permission to your browser. 

This lets other guests see and hear you. You then can control mute/unmute in the call itself. If you click decline permissions, you can't control your camear/microphone in the call.

How to "Allow" permissions — by browser/OS 

  • Chrome: click Allow, usually in the top left of your Chrome window
  • Edge: click Allow at the bottom of your Edge window
  • Firefox: top of your browser window
  • Safari: click Allow, also at the top of your browser window. Note: Safari prompts for allow permissions each time you join a call (this is an Apple privacy measure, we cannot control this).

macOS Mojave (10.14) and later

Click "Allow" when prompted. You'll have to allow both your camera and microphone. 

  • We apologize, but we do not have control over this. It's an Apple setting. 
  • If you blocked access, try updating your System Preferences. learn how to give macOS camera and mic access.

Blocked access

If you previously blocked cam/mic access, learn how to unblock here.

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