Both your browser and computer settings have to let access your mic:  

1. Quickly try joining your meeting link in Incognito. (This helps clarify if an extension is blocking using your camera.)

2. Unblock cam/mic in your browser.  

  • Click the camera icon, in the upper right of your address bar. Click the allow option, and save it. Reload.   
  • Chrome users also might have to go into settings:  
    Triple dots in upper right > Settings  > Advanced > Site Settings > Camera. Make sure isn't blocked. 
  • See below sections, for more details steps for different browsers.

3. If #2 doesn't do it, also check your computer and operating system settings. 

  • Especially Mac users! Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Camera. Click the box next to the type of browser you're using. It'll quit and reopen your browser.  
  • Windows users: Settings > System > Sound. Under 'Input,' select microphone and make sure it's enabled.  

Mac users: enable your camera for your browser

4. If #1 and #2 don't work, reboot.

5. Run this diagnostics:  

  • Go to
  • If your cam fails the test there, definitely check your OS settings and THEN REBOOT. Your OS and browser may have gotten out of sync. 
  • If rebooting doesn't work, please contact us. Click to chat on this page, or email 

1.0 Chrome and Edge details 

  • In a call, look at the address bar. 
  • Upper right of the address bar, the camera icon will show an X. 
  • Click the icon 
  • Click Always allow
  • Exit and rejoin the call 
  • If rejoining doesn't work, fully quite Chrome and rejoin 

Chrome users! Also try this: 

  • Click the triple dot Settings icon, upper right of your Chrome window
  • Click Advanced > Site Settings (or content) > Camera 
  • Click Advanced > Site Settings (or content) > Mic
  • In both Camera and Mic, delete from the BLOCK list 
  • Save changes and rejoin the call 

2.0 Firefox details

  • In a call, look at the address bar. Click the cam/mic icon there
  • Click the "x" to turn off blocking
  • Exit and rejoin the call. Click Allow when asked, as you rejoin 

3.0 Safari details 

First try: 

  • Select Safari >  Select Preferences. (This is in the Safari pulldown menu, top left of your screen.) 
  • Click Camera, and change the settings for any meeting link to ALLOW 
  • Click Microphone, and do the same. Change links to ALLOW
  • Exit the call
  • Rejoin 

Still having problems? If you have Mojave, in particular, you have to change the operating system settings, too. See 4.0. 

4.0  Mac OS

Apple users:  you might have to change your OS settings. 

  • Click Apple menu > System Preferences > Security and Privacy 
  • Click Camera > Select ALLOW for your browser
  • Click Microphone > Select ALLOW for your browser 
  • If it still doesn't work...REBOOT 

5.0 Windows OS 

  • Check your mic's enabled:  Settings > System > Sound. Under 'Input,' select microphone and make sure it's enabled.  
  • Reboot 
  • Check for Windows system updates

6.0 Why do I need to unblock? Why won't it unmute? 

When you join a call, the browser asks for camera and mic permissions. 

You clicked Decline, either at your browser or OS level:  

  • You chose to not use the camera and mic, at all, inside
  • Change your browser settings for the camera and mic, then leave the call and rejoin. 

7.0 Avoid this in the future, while staying muted 

  • Click Allow 
  • Then mute/unmute in the video call. 
  • If you want to be muted when you join the next call, make sure you're muted when you exit. remembers your cam is muted. You won't show video when you join your next call.  

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