This is a follow-up article. It explains where to check your browsers cam/mic permissions.

PLEASE read Part 1: Unblock camera/mic access on a computer.

Chrome and Edge details

  • In your URL address bar (top right) click on the camera icon when in a call. 

  • Be sure that Always allow is selected

  • Refresh the page. If rejoining doesn't work, fully quit the browser and rejoin  

  • Make sure to read the whole help article here

Chrome users — also try the following 

  • Click the triple dot Settings icon, upper right of your Chrome window

  • Click Site Settings > Camera (and then Mic)

  • Under both Camera and Mic, make sure that is not on the BLOCK list 

  • Save changes and rejoin the call

Firefox details

Safari details 

Make sure to check your macOS System Preferences

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