For privacy and security reasons, you have to give permission to use your camera and audio. 

Click Allow. This lets other guests see and hear you. You then can control mute/unmute in the call itself. If you click Decline, you can't control muting in the call itself. You have to unblock - that means you have to change your browser or OS settings, leave the call, and rejoin.  

  • Scroll down to learn how to Allow cam/mic access. 
  • Note: Apple users, in particular, have to do this a few times. This is out of our control, apologies. 
  • If you previously did not allow cam/mic access, and now need to unblock, go here.  

Not allowing vs muting 

When you click Allow, it gives you more flexibility in the call. The browser has cam/mic access ready, and then in the call, you can decide to mute or unmute. Muting is something you have control over   

In contrast, if you click Decline when the browser asks for camera/mic permission, you cannot undo this in a call. You have to change your browser settings, then leave and rejoin the call. 

In contrast, if you click Allow, you then can click mute/unmute in the call. Muting is a 

💪Allow lets you mute. For example: 

  • Click Allow when your browser asks to share video and audio
  • Then when you want in a call, click mute 
  • If you exit the call with your cam/mic muted, we remember that you're muted when you join the next call 
  • What's great is since you've allowed camera/mic access on the browser level, you always can mute/unmute 

😿 Decline is different 

  • If you clicked Decline, you can't just click unmute to undo this. You have to change the browser settings itself, and then leave/rejoin the call. 

How to click Allow, by browser / OS 

After you click on meeting link (and how you want to join), your browser asks for permission. Click Allow. 

Mac OS, esp Mojave 

Basically, click Allow when you're asked. You'll have to allow it for both camera and microphone, for both your browser and OS. 

  • That means to join a call, you'll have to click Allow several times. 
  • We apologize, but we do not have control over this. It's Apple  settings. 
  • Are you trying to unblock? Go here to learn how to unblock Mojave OS


Click the Allow button. It's at the top of your Chrome window. 


Edge (coming soon)

Click the Allow button. It's at the bottom of your Edge window.

Firefox (coming soon)

Click the Allow button. Top of your Firefox window.

Safari (coming soon) 

Click the Allow button. Top of your Safari window.

Need help? Leave your email in the chat window, thanks! 

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