It's easy, free and fast to add video calls – with screen shares and recording – to your Intercom Messenger chats, with our app. Talking directly on a video chat cuts out frustrating back and forth. That face-to-face contact is direct, effective and a better experience for your customers. 

  • Get free, unlimited video calls with screen shares, with the app for Intercom  
  • No account is needed to call 
  • 🎁 The app now has complete browser support! works on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android. We also offer unique upgrades, like auto-record on custom links. We're the only 1-click video call integration that lets you automatically record every video chat in Intercom Messenger. 

Learn how our no download, 1-click calls work: 

  • 1.0  Requirements & basics 
  • 2.0 How to add a video call to a Messenger chat, quickly   
  • 3.0 Change link & call display settings 
  • 4.0 Upgrade options - automatic recording and branding
  • 5.0 FAQ & who we are 

1.0 Requirements & basics 

  • No account is needed, for free calls
  • You control where the customers opens the video call link – in Messenger, or in a browser tab. The exception is Safari. Customers on Safari only can join the call in a browser tab. (Don't worry - we do a browser check for you.)
  • You'll join the call in a browser (not inside Messenger)  
  • Use Chrome to record or screen share. To clarify, your customer doesn't need to use Chrome to see your screen share or be recorded But if you want them to screen share, configure the call to open in a browser, and tell them to use Chrome. To record, you also need to be logged in, so you can get your file. 

2.0 How to start a video call in Intercom Messenger 👋

Make sure to join the video call yourself, perhaps before you invite the customer :) 

1. If you haven't already, install the app in the Intercom app store.

2. Now in a chat, click the app icon

3. A video call settings card pops up. It has a new, unique video call link. Click the OK, Let's Go button.  (Or scroll down, to change the link or display settings)

4. After clicking OK, you'll see 2 things, in your agent thread.
First, you'll see this help text, to prep. Click the Join this call blue link, so you join the call first  

5. You'll also see the draft customer invite. When you're ready, Click the blue Send button. The customer can't click to join until you send this card. 

6.  Your customer now sees the below, and does two things

  1. They will click the blue Join the call button
  2. Make sure your customer then clicks ALLOW, to allow cam permissions

💥 Done! You and the customer both are in the call.

3.0 Change call display & link settings 

👉 Change where the customer sees the video call  

  • Before you send the video call link to the customer, in the settings card, scroll down to Change where the call appears. You can set the call to open in a browser tab, or (if the customer is not on Safari) inside Messenger 

🔃 Get a new call link, free vs branded 

  • Free - In the Settings card, scroll down to Change link. Click the Change link button. 
  • Free - Want to use a custom link? You can paste a custom link in that link field in the Change link section. Then click the chevron, which is the white arrow/blue box.
  • Upgrade - Contact us, to have the app automatically create a custom subdomain link.

4.0 Upgrades

For power support and sales users, we can customize the experience further: 

  • Auto-record. You can automatically record every video chat that you start in an Intercom Messenger conversation. Email 
  • Notify when customer joins, with a note. When a user joins a call, you can customize the app so a note is posted to the conversation. 
  • Auto-custom links. Whenever an agent creates a call, the app can auto-generate a link on your custom domain. (In the free version, only an instant link is generated automatically.)

5.0 FAQ 

  • Did your customer now click Allow, for cam access? They might have to unblock, let us use their camera. Learn more. Or ping us for help.
  • Every video call has screen sharing. The first time you screen share, you're asked to install the Chrome extension. Takes a few seconds. Learn more. Again, for a customer to screen share, please have them join the video call in a browser. Tell them to use Chrome. Learn more about screen sharing.
  • Poor network? You and/or customer can mute cam, to preserve bandwidth. 
  • If you're having problems in general, your browser may not be talking to your OS. Refresh. Or ping us for help. 
  • Cam. A customer doesn't need a cam to join a call, if you just want to screen share (and don't need to see them). Just tell them to click Allow when asked to "allow" a cam.   
  • Mic. A customer doesn't need a mic as long as you're on video. They do need a speaker for you to hear them : )

About us: is the most powerful 1-click video calling platform. We build easy, no download calls, which you can use on your computer, mobile, big screen TV, or your own product, with our API. Learn more about us here, and ping us anytime for help!

We use Intercom, ourselves. So you always can reach us for help at our website chat! Cheers. 

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