Offer video calls and screen shares to your leads and customers. You can embed a video call right in your Messenger conversations, on your site. Free dial-in and screen sharing make your conversations more flexible. 

Why use video with Intercom Messenger

  • Be more more responsive and helpful. Video calls let you talk directly, cut out back and forth, and be more personal as you put a face to your company. 
  • Screen sharing lets you better explain and engage.
  • It's easy. No accounts needed.  
  • It's free. Free video calls, free dial-in, free screen sharing included. 

Get started - install the app  

🚀 No account or software is needed. (You do need Intercom Messenger already set up on your site, with a Messenger subscription.)

  1. Go to the Intercom Messenger app marketplace
  2. Select the app 
  3. Click Install Now 
  4. Click Connect to confirm installation. Done!  

How to start a call 👋

Video requires Chrome. Customers not on Chrome desktop can be sent dial-in. You'll join the call in a Chrome tab. 

  1. During a chat, click Add a messenger app. Select the app
  2. A video call settings card pops up, with your link and dial-in number.  
    a.  We detect the customer's browser. Non Chrome users get a dial-in card.
    b.  You can change the meeting link, and where the call appears – whether in Messenger, or a new tab. 
  3. Make sure to click, and open the call yourself in a Chrome tab. (You don't see the call in your Messenger.)  
  4. Back in Messenger, click OK, Let's Go! button. 
  5. Your customer gets the video call card.  
    a. For video, customers click Start a call, and then Allow, to authorize video.
    b. Or customers can dial the meeting phone number and PIN. 

Settings card 

Video call settings 

Change link. 

  • In your settings card, scroll down to Change the link section and click Reset link
  • To use a custom link, simply paste your custom link in place of the instant link. Then click the chevron, which is the white arrow/blue box. 

Change customer's display settings.  

  • All customers need Chrome. 
  • A customer can see the call inside Messenger, or in a new Chrome tab. To screen share, a customer must join via Chrome. 
  • A card defaults to the settings used in the last call. 
  • Before you send the video call card, scroll down to Change where the call appears. 
  • Click the button to switch to the other display option.  

Screen sharing

Every video call has screen sharing. (You can't screen share to a phone dial-in guest, which is audio-only.)

1. You (teammate) always can screen share. It doesn't matter whether the customer is viewing the video call in Messenger, or a new Chrome tab. 

  • In the video call, click the Share button 
  • The first time you screen share, you'll be asked to install the screen sharing Chrome extension. Click Install. It takes a couple seconds. (Issues? Refresh your browser.)
  • Your customer does not need to install the extension, in order to see your screen share. 

2. For a customer to screen share, they need to join the video call in a new tab.

  • If you had them join the video call in Messenger, either send them a new video call card. Or just send them the link, and tell them to click and open in Chrome. 
  • They then click Share
  • Then quickly click to install the screen share extension (reload the browser if there are any issues).
  • They click to share their Entire Desktop or Application Window.  


  • A customer doesn't need a cam to join a call, if you just want to screen share. They don't need a mic as long as you're on video. They do need a mic for you to hear them : )
  • Poor network? Ask the customer to mute their cam. They still can see your screen share, and talk. 
  • Still having problems? Your Chrome may need a refresh (sorry). Reload your browser, or fully quit Chrome and reopen. 
  • Email 
  • We use Intercom! So you always can get us on our Intercom at 

About us is based in SF. We make a new kind of video calling. Beautifully designed. No downloads. Key features. 

Ping us with your questions. We're glad to chat! If you're an Intercom customer, try the app and send us any feedback, cheers!

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