These are fast tips. Search this help center for more. And try us on live chat, 9-5 PST. We are glad to help, and do a test call. 

  • Chrome audio issue. Click More > Cam/mac settings > and choose the Default version of your audio source. 
  • Mute cam to help with call quality. Use Shh mode
  • Use earbuds
  • Unblock cam/mic 
  • Check Chrome  👇

Try these steps, in Chrome: 

  1. Refresh the tab. 
  2. Quit and reopen Chrome 
  3. Try Incognito mode. Your adblocker or other extension may block your cam/mic.  
  4. Reboot. Especially if you're on Windows, your operating system may not be talking to Chrome.


Recent Chrome audio issue

Can others not hear you? 

  • In your call menu, click More (to the right of the green Invite button).
    Click More >  Cam/mic settings
  • In the mic field, you may see 2 different options for your mic setting - an Internal and a Default. 
  • Choose the Default

Poor call quality 

Someone's network may be overloaded. Live video requires a lot of bandwidth. Mute cams, to reduce bandwidth needed. Click More, and then Shhh mode to mute everyone. Individuals can unmute. 

Cam/mic issues


Are you behind a corporate firewall? That can affect your access. Ping us for help.   

White screen / page isn't loading

  • Do you use an adblocker? An extension may be blocking. 
  • Try joining Incognito  

Get live chat help, 9-5 PST. Or - thanks for your time. 

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