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4 fast tips. 99% of issues are solved by the below: 

  1.  Reload Chrome 
  2. Try Incognito. Especially if you have browser extensions. They could be blocking cam/mic/speaker!
  3. Quit Chrome. Don't just close. QUIT and reopen. 
  4. REBOOT 


🔌  Did you try reloading - Incognito - reboot?

👂   Using an external cam/mic?
Click More > Cam/mac settings > make sure the Default version of your audio source is selected.

👉   Unblock camera or mic.
Follow EACH step here!

🔇   Laggy video or audio? Mute cameras. Use Shh mode.

🎧   Use earbuds! It helps with echo.  

Why Reboot, and why Incognito 

Browser calls depend on your browser working OK. If it hasn't been refreshed in a while, or you're running a lot of tabs with programs, your browser may be out of sync. 

👉 Your browser and operating system might not be talking to each other. Rebooting resets them. 

🔎  Incognito doesn't load your browser extensions. So try Incognito, to clarify if an extension is blocking the video call from loading. 

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